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Graveside Tattoo Piercing Luci Furr

Luci Furr

"Looking back, it’s kind of funny. I used to be terrified of needles, pain, or anything to do with it. I was 18 when I got talked into my first tattoo, and again at 19, when I got my first piercing. I immediately got hooked! From there, life choices threw me around to a handful of apprenticeships, which then landed me at Graveside Tattoo as my first shop that I am in solo. Within the past several years working here, I feel I have gained a fondness of nostril and rook piercings, if I had to pick favorites. At the end of it all, I love my job, I love making my clients happy, and I really hope it shows with the passion in my work!"

- Luci Furr

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