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We understand you may have some questions.
Hopefully the answers below will help you out.
If not you can always call the shop!

What is the shop minimum? 

The minimum is $100 for tattoos.

This is per person.
This covers anything less than an hour.
After that, any tattoo will follow the artist's hourly rate.

How much will my tattoo cost?

All tattoos are different and can vary in pricing depending on size and artist. It always best to call and get the price for what you have in mind, and we can always schedule you for a FREE in-person consultation with your preferred artist. 

All of our artists are hourly rated ranging between
$120-$150 per hour.

Can i just walk in?

Appointments are preferred.

Walk-ins are taken based off of availability. We will usually post if there are times available, but this can change daily.
You can always call the shop and see what walk-in
availability we have!

Is there a deposit?

Yes, the shop requires deposits for appointments.
Tattoo appointments require a $100 deposit.
Full-day appointments require a $250 deposit.
Piercings and tooth gems require a $30 deposit.

This will be fully credited to your service on the day of your appointment. 

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

What if i need to reschedule?

We understand that sometimes things happen, and you may need to reschedule. You always can, but there must be a 48-hour notice in rescheduling to retain your deposit. 

Otherwise, it will be forfeited, and you will be required to put down another deposit to reschedule.

If you are a habitual rescheduler, your deposit will be forfeited.

What should i use while healing my tattoo?

We recommend TT's Aftercare Products during the tattoo process and for healing.

We have several brands and types of aftercare and maintenance products available for purchase in the shop.
No appointment necessary for purchase. 

What should i do before hand?

You should always make sure you are well rested, bathed, and have eaten before coming in for a tattoo or piercing.
You should NOT be under the influence of any illegal substances or alcohol.

How should i take care of my piercing?

Your piercer will always give you instructions on how to take care of your piercing in the healing process.

If you forget anything, you can always reference your piercing pamphlet or call the shop for general jewelry information. Aftercare instructions are also available on this site under the piercing services page.

Never touch or take out your piercing until your piercer says it is okay. Always make sure to clean your
piercing to prevent infection.

We recommend sterile saline wound wash and have professional brands available. 

What if i am not sure on what i want?

You should always come into the shop the day of your appointment with an idea of what you want. Whether you are getting a piercing or tattoo, you should come in knowing and be ready to go! 

Can you make this tattoo super tiny?

Keep in mind when making tattoos smaller there will come a point where you will loose detail if you want it too tiny.
Always listen to your artists to figure out how little you can go.

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